Quality Policy

At Getz Healthcare, we believe in delivering quality
in everything we do

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We BELIEVE that quality is the foundation of our business now
and in the future

To drive sustainable and profitable growth and to consistently satisfy and exceed expectations of all interested parties, we COMMIT to:
  • Distribute safe, effective and quality products in the markets we operate in
  • Provide a range of value adding services which enhance our competitiveness
  • Comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory laws
  • Drive our agenda for quality through innovation and continuous improvement
  • Nurture engagements with our partners to achieve mutually-beneficial results
We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Delivering Quality

  • Consistent Standards from a Distributor
  • Flexible and Adaptable to work with
  • Clinical Expertise
  • Efficient Systems and Operations
  • Provide Local Market Intelligence
  • Professionally Trained Salespeople
  • Visibility of Doctors Covered
  • Compliance & Code of Ethics

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