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We bring continuous diagnostic cardiology solutions to help meet your cardiovascular needs and applications for accurate diagnosis and cardiology data management. From lightweight, compact systems for any clinical environment with leading-edge 4D technology that can be incorporated into your daily routine to extracorporeal shockwave technology for myocardial revascularization (ESMR) therapy.

Diagnostic ECG System

GE Healthcare has brought continued innovation to diagnostic cardiology solutions over the years. Today, our commitment to improving ECG analysis and developing new solutions is stronger than ever. Whether you are performing a resting, stress or Holter cardiac examination, our extensive cardiology portfolio provides solutions that help meet your needs for accurate diagnosis and cardiology data management.


Stress Test System

Our CASE* Exercise Testing System helps you with powerful analysis and diagnostic tools that streamline the process of data acquisition and review. Our scalable system is designed to meet your specific performance and productivity requirements so you can keep your patients—and your practice—moving in the right direction.

CASE Stress Test System

Cardiosoft Stress Test System

Resting ECG System

Our portfolio of Resting ECG systems is designed to help improve clinical accuracy and connect you to advanced data analysis tools so you can make decisions more confidently. Our Resting ECG systems are well suited for a wide range of patients and diverse clinical needs.

Cardiosoft ECG System

MAC 5500 HD

MAC 3500

MAC 2000

MAC 1600

MAC 800

MAC 600

MAC 400