Symposium on Kidney Stone and Men's Health

In collaboration with Medispecs and Beacon Hospital, Getz Healthcare recently organized a Symposium entitled "Kidney Stone and Men's Health at the conference room of Beacon Hospital. The event was well attended by over 50 medical practitioners from the Klang Valley region.

Dato Professor Dr Tan Hui Meng delivered the keynote address for this symposium followed by a detailed presentation on complications related to Kidney Stones and the available treatments. He specifically focused on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment in dealing with Kidney stones. ESWL is a very effective non-invasive treatment for urinary calculosis (kidney stones) and biliary calculi (stones in the gallbladder or in the liver) using an acoustic pulse.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr Murbita (Radiologist from Beacon Hospital) who highlighted the role played by radiologist in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases.

Issues pertaining to Erectile Dysfunction and the various treatment options was presented by Prof. Dr. Christopher Ho Chee Kong (Consultant Urologist from University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre – PPUKM). Besides the commonly available options including PDE 5 Drugs, Vacuum Systems as well as implants, Prof Dr Christopher talked in length about the latest treatment, which is Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy. EDSWT as it is commonly abbreviated, is a fully non-invasive technique that attempts to treat the root cause of the problem through the creation of new blood vessels in the penile shaft. He further elaborated on the treatment methodology that is performed on 5 different sites on the penile shaft and muscle attaching to the pelvis that will naturally improve and increase blood flow. It was emphasized that this is a relatively painful procedure and is gaining huge popularity worldwide due to its high success rate.

Taking the cue from Prof Dato Dr Christopher, Mr Manoharan from Getz Healthcare proceeded to introduce the features and benefits of the ED 100 System, a low intensity Extracorporeal Shock Waves system specifically designed for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Manufactured by Medispecs, USA, the ED 100 System is slowly gaining popularity worldwide for its excellent efficacy and ease of use in treating ED patients. To further reinforce this, various videos as well as clinical findings published in reputable journals worldwide was also shared with all the participants.

Participants were then invited to try and operate the system and almost everyone was impressed with its ease of use and low intensity of shockwave delivered. Getz Healthcare is confident that after this symposium, more practitioners will begin to understand the obvious benefits of using shockwave therapy as a treatment of choice in dealing with Erectile Dysfunction patients.